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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some Tabernacle Fabrics

My friend, Shelley Houser, sent me some samples of materials she found that were comparable to those used in the Tabernacle construction.

Here it is. One on the left is "fine linen" and one on the right "blue, purple and scarlet" fabric.

Here is a close-up view on the fabric. The ones that were used in the Tabernacle were like that but thicker (4-5mm approx.).

Fabric on the left is שש משזר ("shesh moshezar" - "twined linen") and was used for Courtyard Hangings for example (I.e Exodus 27:9) and the fabric on the right is תכלת וארגמן ותולעת שני ושש משזר ("techelet veargaman vetolaat shani veshesh moshezar" - "blue, and purple, and scarlet, and twined linen") was used for Tabernacle Tent Curtains and Courtyard Gate Hangings.(I.e Exodus 26:36, Ex 27:16).

UPDATE 02/05/2016: Here is the image of the colored fabric from the review Shelley is talking about. As you can see, it only has 2 layers, while the Tabernacle had 3 (blue, purple and scarlet), or maybe even 4 (twinned linen). But still, this fabric is the closest what we could find to the Tabernacle curtains and hangings.

Value of a Cubit

This is more of an informative post, since most of you know what the cubit is and how much is it. But I wanted to summarize and add a few points.

Cubit or Amah (אמה) is first mentioned in Genesis 6:16. Mostly, cubit is important for Tabernacle construction.

Torah defines all units of measurements based on the human body or other biological measurements. Omer, for example, is defined as a handfuls (also a human body measurement).

So is cubit, is the length of the forearm(from the tip of the elbow to the tip of the middle finger):

Cubit is a variable constant and varies from person to person and between genders and ages.

Tabernacle was probably based on a cubit of Moses, Bezalel or Aaron. 

Google defines cubit as 18 inches. I checked, and my cubit is 18.5 inches (I am 5' 11") and my female friend's cubit is 16.5 inches.


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